If you want to nominate an athlete, coach or other, do the research and submit your nomination along with an outline or paragraph as to why this person warrants consideration. Your narrative should be in good English and should include a detailed discussion of your nominee. Submit the year of graduation, sports participated in, statistics if available, awards earned and any other information that you develop regarding your nominee. These procedures would also be in effect for team nominations. The nominating committee has already developed a working list of nominee’s. This list will be updated often. The more information that is available regarding the nominee’s career, the better chance that the nominee could be considered for induction. Five athletes are inducted each year. We would like to add your nomination to our working list of nominee’s.

Mail your nomination to:

Gateway Sports Hall of Fame

Attn: Nominating Committee

103 Trotwood Drive

Monroeville, PA 15146.

The selection committee meets once or twice a year. Materials are given out at least two weeks before the selection meeting so that each individual member has time to do their own research on the nominees.

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