Gateway Class of 1989 Melanie Morgan’s swimming prowess led the Gateway Gator girls to two PIAA State Swim titles. The Morgan name kept Gateway swimming prominent on the State and National level. Melanie’s domination of her events in the WPIAL and State PIAA championships have never been duplicated. Even today, she still holds the PIAA[…] [more…]


The 1986 W.P.I.A.L. AAAA Championship football team could simply represent the ultimate definition of Gateway football. Most football alumni agree that no two Gateway teams were alike, however, the attitude and tradition always remained the same. There is no need for comparisons to the other four Gateway championship football teams, yet the 1986 team accomplished[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1960 Dwain began his high school athletic career at Pitcairn High School in 1957. He was the quarterback of the football team and an integral part of the school’s basketball team as a sophomore. With the “birth” of Gateway High School in 1958, Dwain became part of a new program and helped[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1978 “In the ten or so years of my being part of the Gateway Baseball Program, and speaking for Coach Herb Michaels, we had the pleasure of being associated with a plethora of hard working and dedicated young players. They experienced many baseball successes both at the high school level and beyond.[…] [more…]


1930-2022 Beloved Coach and Educator Arthur Howard Betts was born on May 21, 1930 to Arthur & Kathryn Betts. By all accounts he came into this world kicking and screaming and this boy from Turtle Creek is still as feisty today. As a child, his days were filed with participation in the “sport of the[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1973 Mark O’Toole may have been the ultimate Gateway Gator. Much like Mike Devine, he was another of those rare outstanding athletes that led by example on and off the field. It was Mark that was able to motivate his teammates with his soft loving talks or his break the blackboard tantrums,[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1970 Mike Devine was one of those rare Gateway athletes that excelled in the three major sports of the late 1960’s. Not only did he excel in the three sports, he was the leader and captain of all three. His classmates voted him class president for his three years at Gateway. He[…] [more…]


1939-2019 Respected And Dedicated Teacher, Athletic Faculty Manager and Athletic Director Larry Phillips was born in McKeesport, PA and graduated from McKeesport High School. Although intensely interested in sports, he did not participate in high school athletics. After receiving a bachelors degree in science from Fort Hays State University in 1964, Larry began his teaching[…] [more…]

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