The 1984-85 Wrestling Team was part of the Golden Age of Gateway Athletics, a period where seemingly every sport fielded a championship caliber team.  The Gator Wrestlers were undefeated in their section posting an 8 win 0 loss record winning their first ever section championship.  The Gator Wrestling Team accumulated 14 wins as opposed to[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1990 Tony accepts this induction into the Gateway Sports Hall of Fame with great pride and honor.  His passion for football started when he was a child watching the Steelers of the 70’s.  Like so many kids of that era, he recalls imitating Terry Bradshaw throwing touchdowns to his teammate wearing the[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1988 Todd Washington was raised in Pitcairn and attributes much of his success in athletics to the “ball field culture” of  the 1970’s. He and GHS Hall of Fame brother, John Washington, spent every single day of their youth playing pick-up football, baseball, basketball, “off the roof”, four square, and countless other[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1985 Kevin Lynch is honored and humbled to be inducted into the Gateway Sports Hall of Fame.  He was not a gifted natural athlete, but he loved to compete, thrived on the discipline of wrestling and football, and was blessed with outstanding coaches, teammates, and family support.  He is particularly pleased to[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1984 Cindy DiNunzio (Rose) grew up in a swimming family.  Al Rose, her dad, was Head Coach of the JCC Sailfish USA swim team and her siblings, Margie, Mindy and Allan all swam on summer swim clubs including Park Swim club, Haymaker swim club, Gateway Gators (H.S.) or the year round program[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1973 Ken Karish is extremely humbled over the honor bestowed upon him this evening.  Ken was a no nonsense do whatever was necessary athlete that participated in four different sports during his days at Gateway.  Ken brought a lot of athletic ability coupled with a great competitive spirit and a tremendous will[…] [more…]


Well Respected & Beloved Coach & Teacher Not surprisingly, one of Tom LaBuff’s favorite poems is Marge Piercy’s “To Be of Use.”  In it she extols the virtues of those people who “jump into work head first” immersing themselves to the extent that they become natives of that world who enjoy what they do. She[…] [more…]

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