1930-2021 Beloved & Respected Teacher & Athletic Director Ray Middlekauff is a lifelong resident of Pitcairn and Monroeville.  He attended elementary and high school in Pitcairn, graduating from Pitcairn High School in 1948. After graduation, Ray’s pursuit of higher education took him to Indiana State Teachers College, which today is Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  He[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1967 Paul Holzshu has had an outstanding athletic career from star basketball player to successful basketball coach to winning athletic director. Paul has a no nonsense approach to athletics, especially basketball, as evidenced by his outstanding records from sandlot basketball in Pitcairn, to championship basketball at Gateway, to collegiate ACC basketball, to[…] [more…]


Respected Teacher, Coach, Administrator And Athletic Director For 33 of Gateway’s 42 years, Larry Hanley was an essential part of Gateway Athletics. From his coaching days to his years as athletic director, Larry Hanley was an integral part of Gateway’s athletic successes and rich athletic traditions. This well respected Gator had an unconditional love for[…] [more…]


1939-2019 Respected And Dedicated Teacher, Athletic Faculty Manager and Athletic Director Larry Phillips was born in McKeesport, PA and graduated from McKeesport High School. Although intensely interested in sports, he did not participate in high school athletics. After receiving a bachelors degree in science from Fort Hays State University in 1964, Larry began his teaching[…] [more…]

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