Gateway Class of 2010 As the youngest of five in a sport loving family, Rob grew up cheering on his siblings from the sidelines at their many practices and games. As a young kid, he dreamed one day of playing football for Gateway on Friday nights – a long-standing family tradition. His grandfather played on[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1995 Ryan, at an early age, played both soccer and baseball at the youth level in Monroeville. He had a great group of friends growing up in the neighborhood that he consistently played competitive sports with all day and every day. His first year playing organized T-ball in Monroeville, he made the[…] [more…]


It is with great pride and humility that the Gateway High School 1983  Varsity Baseball Team becomes the first Baseball Team to be inducted into the Gateway Sports Hall Of Fame.  Needless to say there have been a number of great Baseball Players and teams that have represented the Gators on the Baseball Diamond.  One[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1960 Like many young boys of that era, Lee had a passion for all sports.  As the seasons changed, he followed college and professional sports while playing baseball, basketball and football at every opportunity.  He believed growing up in western Pennsylvania instilled a certain attitude that affects you forever.  In the recent[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1982           As a three-sport athlete at Gateway, Todd Leeson not only performed at an exceptional level on the football field, in the gymnasium and on the baseball diamond, he always managed to excel as a leader and as a student.  His many talents, tremendous focus and competitive spirit have earned him[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1974 Tom Toman was arguably one of the greatest overall athletes to graduate from Gateway Senior High School.  As an outstanding athlete, he could do anything in any sport.  As an outstanding individual, he gave up of his high school weekends and summers volunteering to work with the special children at Camp[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1988 According to his Coaches and Teammates, Al Lardo may be the greatest red zone running back in Gateway Football history. He had great vision and always seemed to find the hole. He was able to get those extra yards especially near the goal line. If the Gators had a much needed[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1968 Thirty four years after graduating from Gateway High School, Ken Macha is still competing at the highest level of organized baseball. His Oakland A’s major league baseball team battled the Minnesota Twins for the right to play the Aneheim Angels for the American League Championship of 2002. Unfortunately, the Twins won[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1978 “In the ten or so years of my being part of the Gateway Baseball Program, and speaking for Coach Herb Michaels, we had the pleasure of being associated with a plethora of hard working and dedicated young players. They experienced many baseball successes both at the high school level and beyond.[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1970 Mike Devine was one of those rare Gateway athletes that excelled in the three major sports of the late 1960’s. Not only did he excel in the three sports, he was the leader and captain of all three. His classmates voted him class president for his three years at Gateway. He[…] [more…]

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