Gateway Class of 2007 Shayla grew up in Wilkinsburg the daughter of college basketball standouts Jennifer Bruce Scott and the late Rod Scott with one sibling, her younger brother, Tyler. In Shayla’s toddler years, she enjoyed time, actually lots of time, spent in daycare as her parents made a career for themselves in nursing and[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1967 Paul’s passion for sports began at an early age. Growing up in his Monroeville neighborhood with his many sports enthusiastic friends, Paul’s summer days were filled with playing baseball, football and basketball. His first experience at organized sports was playing midget football for the ”Pitcairn Mohawks”. When Paul entered Monroeville Junior[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1971 It is clearly evident that playing sports while growing up in Pitcairn, and later at Gateway High School, set the foundation for all the good things that came in the life of Vincent J. Lamberti.  No doubt.  The journey started on “the hill” in Pitcairn where there were five or six[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1993 Colleen Marston’s (Connors) parents, Jean and Dan Connors, worked tirelessly to instill a sense of responsibility and togetherness in their children.  Furthermore, her parents encouraged each child to find his/her own path of success in life.  It is from this caring, compassionate, and loving home that Colleen’s interests in sports began.  […] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1960 Like many young boys of that era, Lee had a passion for all sports.  As the seasons changed, he followed college and professional sports while playing baseball, basketball and football at every opportunity.  He believed growing up in western Pennsylvania instilled a certain attitude that affects you forever.  In the recent[…] [more…]


The 1982 team had speed, skill and size.  What set them apart was a certain maturity and toughness that got the team through many difficult games.  These qualities made them easily coachable and enabled them to handle game pressure without losing their poise. This team was successful because they were truly a TEAM.  Each and[…] [more…]


1953-2010 Gateway Class of 1971 Basketball at Gateway changed my life in ways one only appreciates with the passage of time.  The modest success I had is a reflection on the excellence of my coaches and teammates, rather than on my athletic ability.  To paraphrase a few sentences from a eulogy I once gave: “A[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1987 Andrésa Snyder is among one of the most elite female athletes in Gateway history. Multi-talented and versatile, she did well in all sports with which she was involved in.  She was a sports phenom, and was an absolute joy to watch perform athletically as she made it look effortless.  Her athletic[…] [more…]


Gateway Class of 1960 As a young boy, Ernie Chadderton was always looking for a game.  Whether he was dribbling his basketball to a neighborhood court or carrying his baseball glove to Summers Field, he was at “home”.  He played often and played well.  The term “sports” and the name Ernie Chadderton were synonymous. Ernie’s[…] [more…]


Extremely Talented And Respected Coach Ron Davis was dedicated to the game of basketball.  He was not only dedicated to the game; he was dedicated to his players.  He had a passion for the sport.  He coached the talent out of his girls.  He had an unconditional love for the game.  He was a no-nonsense[…] [more…]

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